Learning & Development

We offer bespoke training programmes aimed at delivering tangible returns on investment. As part of a thorough needs assessment, we partner with you to identify and understand your organisational needs and objectives. Our tailored content, flexible delivery options, and ongoing support is all designed to support effectiveness. All our programmes include post programme evaluation surveys.

Leadership Development Programme 

Aimed at experienced leaders, we offer a comprehensive Leadership Development Programme for senior Leaders that is meticulously designed based on research-supported approaches in leadership psychology and behaviour to aid maximum effectiveness and success. We recognise the importance of neurodiversity and different learning styles, and our programme is designed to be accessible and engaging for all participants. We also include a post-programme check-in to extend our commitment to participant success and ensure that participants continue to apply their learning and that the impact of the programme is sustained over the long term.

Our 4-module tailored programme includes:

  • Two-person facilitation, which expands our expertise and allows for richer discussions and insights. 
  •  Two Group Coaching sessions focusing on values and teamwork
  • A psychometric tool to provide deep insights into participants’ personality traits, emotional intelligence, and leadership styles. 
  • Six 1-2-1 leadership coaching sessions with qualified and experienced leadership coaches


Management Development Programme

Our interactive 5 Module Programme is designed for existing managers and can be tailored to include aspiring managers. The programme covers the foundations of effective leadership and essential components of day-to-day people management, such as performance management, recruitment and selection and effective staff inductions.

Equity, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion - Awareness Raising

EEDI awareness training in the workplace helps to promote fairness and equity by encouraging that all employees are treated with respect and without discrimination. This fosters a sense of fairness and enhances employee morale, leading to higher levels of engagement, increased productivity, and improved job satisfaction. Additionally, it helps attract and retain talent, fosters creativity and innovation through different perspectives, supports better decision making and helps organisations meet their legal and ethical obligations while enhancing its employer brand.

This EEDI Training is designed for raising awareness and offers foundational learning opportunities.

Other Available Training

  • Leader/Manager as a Coach
  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Effective Staff Inductions
  • Handling Difficult Conversations
  • Managing Sickness Absence