Leadership Coaching - for Organisations

Leadership coaching can cover many aspects including enhanced strategic planning, management approaches, influencing and managing conflict, as well as interpersonal skills. Aiding personal growth and sustainable development, leadership coaching can also support wellbeing and mindful living.

Research has found coaching helps leaders make measurable changes that lead to sustainable and transformational results. It is also widely accepted that effective leadership is essential for longer-term business success. While there is no single definition of leadership, several skills and qualities are commonly associated as influential factors. These include emotional intelligence, personal influence, clear communication, conflict management, problem-solving abilities, time management, engagement, and productivity. However, simply possessing these skills is not enough; leaders must feel supported and empowered to recognise their strengths and be able to put them into practice. This requires energy, which is the power and capacity to work, and it is constantly being affected by a wide range of internal and external factors.

At Amethyst HR, we understand the importance of finding a coach you can trust. All our coaches are certified coaches and HR Leaders, offering the advantage of integrating HR expertise. This allows for the alignment of coaching objectives with organisational goals, navigating complex team dynamics, and building an environment of trust, integrity and collaboration. By using a Core Energy coaching model, we work with clients and their employers (sponsor) to understand key objectives and priorities, ensuring alignment leading to the creation of a tailored programme that opens the best opportunities for all-round success.

Our coaching packages go beyond traditional coaching, offering a holistic approach that encompasses both professional and personal development. Our coaching is tailored and bespoke to the organisational context recognising the client’s unique challenges, goals, and needs.

Sponsors have the option to include insights from at least 2 validated psychometric assessments, which can support the raising of self-awareness and help leaders better understand how they interact with others.

Each package includes accountability check-ins to help keep clients on track towards their leadership goals, as well as mutually agreed upon reviews with the sponsor to support successful outcomes.

Drop-in Coaching

Coaching isn’t just for senior leaders – it’s valuable for everyone. Our Drop-in Coaching offers an inclusive way to offer flexible support for anyone, regardless of their role or career level.

These sessions can serve as standalone opportunities for reflection and growth or as part of broader initiatives such as learning days or awareness events. Each slot lasts for 50 minutes and can be booked either online or in person, with up to six slots available per day.

Life Coaching - for individuals

Digging deep and taking a holistic approach, life coaching can support you to improve self-awareness, understand your priorities, thoughts, and feelings in a way that enables you to find and accomplish your true fulfilments and purpose in life.

Coaching Packages

Organisational Packages start from 3 coaching sessions – although 9 is recommended. Please get in touch for further information.

Drop-in Coaching – Available online or in person. Please get in touch for further information.

Individual Package

  • 9 Sessions, 60 minutes each
  • Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment, includes a personal report and 90 minute debrief
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment, includes a  personal report and tailored feedback 
  • Accountability check-in